2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah I grabbed this last year - the variety of flow and wordplay on that track alone is wonderful.

Great album as a whole too! Strong.


This Lil Ugly Mane track is brilliant.


I really like Ocean Wisdom but I also second coolerthantv about the type of self-serious 'real hip-hop' heads that it's really hard to separate UK hip-hop from being a major turn-off, like some of the artists ocean seems to float around too.. shame because he's really a level above and his flow is outrageous

presenting this video as a simultaneous exhibition of ocean wisdom and illustration of my point (see: other artists)..


lil ugly mane for president


but just to rep ocean once more..




I like this a lot too


New Young Fathers song from the Trainspotting sequel


Kate Tem...abandonpost



Nice to see iLoveMakonnen feeling emboldened to come out publicly


so feeling like the Migos album is very strong


New Danny Brown x Paul White EP. 4 tracks: two new songs and their respective instrumentals.


There's also a new instrumental tape from White up there




good tune :tada:


RIP James Laurence of Friendzone at 27 years old :pensive:


Fuck that's too young.


sorry for being 'that guy' but is there any good trap stuff like Future or Young Thug out this year?