2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


would like to hear this in a club...


Migos album.


Hyped! I'm loving BagBak.


didn't honestly still think i'd be listening to riff raff in 2017 but here i am


Kirk Knight from Pro Era released a beat tape and it's great


Couple of things I've really enjoyed this week are the new Mahatma X (which I've been waiting patiently on for a while after hearing his last mixtape thing). Don't like to overuse Dilla comparisons but if you like samples and smooth laid back hip hop beats...

Also Lil Ugly Mane aka Shawn Kemp has put out some music under a new moniker of 'Bedwetter' which touches on his problems with mental health/depression, which is a really great though difficult listen in places. Worth checking out on Bandcamp though.


New Roc Marciano this week!



new Lupe LP is great, genuinely


New Quelle Chris is great



Thought this Jenkins piece was a good read:


New Future album is out tormorrow. Im ready to check out that Quelle Chris, Don Trip/Starlito and Lupe releases. Westside Gunn has a new one too.


Future meanwhile continues to be one of the most unlikeable guys in music


He does?! Still patiently waiting for the new Conway and Roc Marciano albums...


Yeah think it's more of an EP or something, six tracks have vocals the other six are instros.


hes an ass for sure. funny to read his instagram post from right before the album release where he's showcasing sorrow and regret and then comparing that with the lyrics on here... its like


Lol this is basically like 3 new songs.


Been listening to the new Roc Marciano album a lot since Saturday. It's alright. Can't see myself going back to it a lot in the same way I did with Marcberg.

Production is... odd. Lots of very loud vocal samples - hard to make out the rapping on a lot of it. Already skipping a few tracks.


Yeah, seems like it's mixed pretty badly huh? The samples are nice, but his vocals need to be way higher and the drums are kinda non-existent.