2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


I would have thought he’s released enough albums to get what he’s after? Maybe he wanted it like that? I dunno.

Oh well.


Some good songs here and everything, but it sounds so flat.

What else have people been enjoying this year? I’m looking forward to the new Starlito / Don Trip.


A lot of reissues…
Camp Lo - On The Way Uptown
Dalek - Deadverse Massive Vol 1
Black Moon - Enta Da Stage boxset and remixes

Chopped Herring still mining for weird Wu B Team and other obscure NY stuff from the 90s - enjoyed Da Last Future EP, Shadez of Brooklyn and Finsta Bundy releases.

As far as new stuff goes, I check a lot of what Griselda puts out and associated acts…
Westside Gunn - HWH4
Tha God Fahim - Soul Eater
Still listening to the Danny Brown album
Also quite like the Sonnyjim album - even though he is a pretty appalling rapper

Pretty set in my ways at this point. Still check a lot of new stuff, but I know what I like and most of it isn’t for me.


Bedwetter/Quelle Chris/Migos. Listened to Lupe once but wasn’t really feeling it. The Paul White beat tape is really good. That’s about it for LPs/mixtapes so far


Yeah I need to go back to the new Quelle Chris – sounded real good on first listen. Definitely getting Madlib vibes from it.

Still waiting for something to get properly excited about this year.


HNDRXX is excellent. Basically just “Turn on the Lights: The Album”, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted from Future at this point.


not had time to listen yet but everyone’s saying it’s great. weird decision to release an album as underwhelming as FUTURE a few days previously if that’s the case


Yeah, probably only a few tracks on FUTURE I’ll be going back too. He puts out so much stuff that it’s getting hard to decipher what his “sound” actually is. Seems like it’s been diminishing returns since that unbelievable Monster/Beast Mode/56 Nights run.

Feels like he’s made a conscious decision to basically do a double album here. FUTURE has the ‘trap’ stuff but most of it sounds throwaway, HNDRXX sounds more like Pluto - lots of Mike Will style pop beats and hooks.


Absolutely no competition between FUTURE and HNDRXX is there?

As much as I loved Future’s 2015 run, I’ve always been disappointed that he repressed his pop sensibilities after Honest’s perceived failure. His best songs are the ones that blur the lines (Codeine Crazy, March Madness, Pluto-era) – seems like there’s a few in that ilk here.


man the back half of FUTURE is really good + Draco


New Oddisee today - enjoyed my first listen earlier.

Definitely underrated and consistently putting out great stuff as a producer/beat tape and rapper.


Was just coming to post this. hes so consistently good


Quite enjoying this Jonwayne album. Just don’t do a Google image search for him.


Finally dug out my password for the new forum just to cosign this, Shippers. Draco is Top 10 Future material, which is saying something.


Yo, hit me up with your favourite 9th Wonder beats plz



Get crazy nostalgia chills listening to this shit.

How the beat switches on Walk Like a Man <3

This banger still gets stuck in my head all the time

Dunno haven’t scratched the surface but I need to get back to work and off youtube.




Star man, cheers!


Forgot how much I like that Masta Ace album.

‘Gimme some love like I’m Bernie Mac’


Here’s my edit so far (to be added to with his next release):

1. Zoom
2. Draco
3. Mask Off
4. Outta Time
5. I’m So Groovy
6. Might As Well
7. Flip
8. When I Was Broke
9. Feds Did A Sweep
10. Incredible
11. Testify
12. Fresh Air
13. Keep Quiet
14. Hallucinating
15. Turn On Me
16. Solo
17. Sorry