2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Bonus Track: Use Me



I want to put that 9th Wonder remix of Jay-Z Lucifer on here even though it’s basically just a D’Angelo devil’s pie flip with some serious bass boost, but i can’t find a link

Daily Motion auto-playing video


the subtle Bobby Womack flip in that consequence song is one of my fave samples of all time


Ugh I typed it and didn’t really check it but I had Use Me in there I swear it:

1. Zoom
2. Draco
3. Mask Off
4. Outta Time
5. I’m So Groovy
6. Might As Well
7. Flip
8. When I Was Broke
9. Feds Did A Sweep
10. Use Me
11. Incredible
12. Testify
13. Fresh Air
14. Keep Quiet
15. Hallucinating
16. Turn On Me
17. Solo
18. Sorry


Yep, mine’s basically the same. Only tracks I’d add to that are Poppin’ Tags (I been poppin’ tags! Poppin’ tags, I been… such a basic hook but for some reason it gets me amped), and New Illuminati, for very different reasons.


He’s a sicko right enough.


@1101010 can we edit out the auto-playing Dailymotion vid please (first one)?






That post was such a nostalgia trip through my university days and exploring hip hop 10 years ago!


He’s done so many good beats I just wish he had some crispier drums, his snares in partic have always been soft. Take Jay-Zs Threat, one of my favs on the black alb and one of 9ths best sounding beats and it still lacks that last 15% of snap on the snares.


Yeah, that’s fair, the hooks from the samples are his big selling point, punchier drums would be a real bonus


to be clear, threat is a great song. and he really does chop a vocal sample in unique ways.


rich gang part 2 without quan?


quan was pretty disposable in there anyway.


I kinda think that holds him back from taking a place as a true great. He hits that soulful sweet spot often, but at the same time those drums reduce his versatility. Don’t think he’s ever released anything that could be considered club/whip ready.

Was already a throwback at the time, but in hindsight it feels like he was part of one last purple patch for boom bap rap before it faded into the background.


New Ravyn Lenard record out today. One listen through and it’s :fire::fire::fire::comet:️:comet:️:comet:️


i’ll check it out. have only heard her on telefone


Yeah, he (and Little Brother) came out at a funny time in hip hop. For me, anyway. You could definitely see the crowds at hip hop nights diverging and you’d only really hear them played at the more niche nights like Scratch.


Onra’s releasing another Chinoiseries next week. Don’t listen to beat tapes as much I used to, but I’m a sucker for this stuff.