2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Eminem has signed Conway and Westside Gunn. Interesting move…


precedent suggests they’ll probably never release any music on shady records


hopefully he doesn’t make beats for them… or rap on their songs.


anyone into vic spencer
just listening to the ghost of living thanks to wire magazine, it’s gr8


This caught my eye on the P4K classic review. Great album, though in hindsight he struggled to live up to it with subsequent records. I bought The Great Depression on the same day as The Blueprint and thought DMX was the better of the two on first listen. I’ve never been more wrong about two records :smiley:


I love Vic. He and Chris Crack released one of my fav albums from last year under the title Chris Spencer. they have a new one is coming out this month I think.


Who else has he signed? Have never really paid much attention to Eminem. I know 50 Cent was signed to them and released a few things… Slaughterhouse I can’t remember ever releasing anything…

Main concern is the fact that the thing that makes them so good (IMO) is Daringer’s production, and that is all pretty much sample based so I can’t see them continuing with him being their main man. I find Alchemist a bit boring if I’m being honest.


Around the same time as 50 you had Stat Quo, Cashis, Bobby Creekwater, Obie Trice… I think Obie and later Yelawolf were the only two to actually put out records


I’m looking forward to this. There’s all of them on his Bandcamp as some sort of deluxe box set and I really want it but it’s hella expensive!


This Mach Hommy album is solid.


This is like Dreams and Nightmares (intro) for 2017


I know people have varying opinions of Eminem, but the last two minutes of Bad Guy, off Marshall Mathers 2, is some of the most powerful rap music I’ve ever heard.


Really enjoying this Jonwayne song:


Think you could some good thread numbers on Eminem if you fancy it. He’s inconsistent, but when he gets it right, he really gets it right. Top 5 for me. His verses on ‘Renegade’ are as good as it gets.

MM2 is a great album fwiw


Honestly I think he’s a good rapper technically, who bought his own hype waaaaaaayyy too much. Now he thinks he’s the GOAT spitter and has to exercise his lyrical acrobatics on every track. Most of the time there’s no depth to what he’s saying and he’s rapping stuff like “a-yibby-yack-yack and cack cack on my bum crack” at speed.

For most of his career his MO has been spitting vapid lyrics over mediocre beats with annoying hooks. The odd focused track just makes that even more irritating. What saves him, going back to his old material are some genuinely fun and inventive as hell flows, which aren’t really there now. An Eminem guest verse always has me skipping through it.


He’s a funny one. Listening back, it’s hard to argue that any of this first three albums wouldn’t have been improved by some liberal culling (The Eminem Show less so, perhaps). At the same time, while being very inconsistent standalone records, the concept that runs through the three of them is executed so so well. I wasn’t quite old enough to have the right perspective on it at the time, but it’s such a clever ploy having the three personas to drive the three albums and using the third one as a comment on the cultural impact of the first two. I wonder how much was planned from the outset? Certainly by album 3 he was playing with ‘middle America’ like a pupper master.
As you say, he’s way too bought into his own hype even back in those days, but he’s rare in terms of the cultural impact he had. And totally agree on the vapid lyrics point. In some ways he comes across as being very intelligent - that cultural awareness and satire certainly suggests as much - but then he refuses to move away from homophobia and casual sexism even through to MM2 (and the less said about that challenging post-Encore phase, the better).

This is more of an essay than I planned… Genuinely think his high-points are as good as it gets. But loads of chaff surrounding them. Not too dissimilar to 2pac in that respect? opens can of worms


ive never been able to get with Eminem’s music. sorry @CHAIRMAN_LMAO that was meant to be a reply to @Native12


NP. But since I’m here…

I’ve never been able to get with his music either.

Think I’m probably too old as I found him extremely corny even at the time of the Slim Shady LP. Last album of his I listened to all the way through was The Marshall Mathers LP.


I never liked his voice so it was a non-starter for me from the jump.


Liked him as a kid when I thought he was the greatest rapper of all time, and that rap was all about angst etc. (And he was the first I ever really heard).

Now I’m a much bigger fan of the genre, I think it’s more about personality, soul, rythym and cool - and have a hard time listening to any white rapper really. When I hear Em now it just sounds really dated. That said, there’ve been some masterful songs and his raw talent’s undeniable.

Anyone who comes from what he did and goes to what he has is impressive to me, and I think it’s wonderful that a kid with very little education can make his escape from poverty using a natural (and no doubt vigorously worked at) talent for words.