2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


This great.

Benny, Conway and Prodigy


New Step Brothers out today. Love these guys.


two new Gibbs cuts off the album You Only Live 2wice out at the end of the month

both really good, as always.


Oh wow I guess he was found not guilty of those rape charges.



pretty vocal about it on those tracks though innit


this is is dope af. I may have slept on Badbadnotgood. a whole record of Snoop rapping like this over beats like this would be really, really, really cool.


To Pimp a Butterfly is 2 years old today.

1) Favourite track? (Alright, imo)
2) Favourite Kendrick guest verse since? (Really like his verse on Isaiah Rashad's "What's Wrong")
3) Where do you think he's going/where would you like him to go next? Will he change his sound up a lot or has he settled on this jazz / funk style? Getting bored of him at all yet?

Was going to do a poll for favourites out of GKMC, TPAP and untitled unmastered but it won't let me post it so someone else can do that.

I dunno, let's just talk about Kendrick for a bit.


By chance stuck Good Kid, Maad City on the other day and was blown away by how accomplished it is. Really feels like a great coming of age novel or movie. With the 'work' of understanding what it's all about already done, but the album not fresh in mind, it really hit me full force what an important writer and performer he is. The way his characters just come to life, the way you can just feel those kids letting loose because they've got nothing else, it's fucking exhilarating.

As to TPAB
1/ These Walls
2/ What's Wrong
3/ From the outtakes of Pimp it looks like he's really doubling down on his wordcraft, which I love. I think he'll further embrace his role as a leader lyrically. Some of his awards show/late night TV performances have demonstrated that the guy can perform as well as he can write, which is rare. Maybe he'll be moved to flex that muscle a bit more and we'll get more of a spectacle/concept? Musically, who knows. I was dubious about the jazz but it really grew on me. Inmy heart I'd love him to rap more over the cynical, dark beats of Good Kid, but I'll follow him wherever.

I kind of think, fuck polls on Kendrick. Each release has been honestly where he's at and almost too different to rank.

Rogue side thought: I think in live shows he's shown he can really carry a tune, and he obviously loves soul and jazz -maybe some real singing? Just a thought.


Writing an album about how God is missing in all our lives apparently :rolling_eyes:


I see him going the way of Mos Def.

You guys ever buy Brick Magazine? Issue 3 out soon.


(from last year, so where the hell is it already)

Would love a follow-up to Pinata, that's an awesome record. More likely to see that than Madvillainy 2 at any rate


yeah this seems off the agenda at the moment. i think they just blazed one afternoon and thought "oh hey, bandana would be a good title", announced it, then never actually started work on the record


Classic Madlib/Gibbs

  1. My fav TPAB track is easily Alright
  2. not sure, always liked him on Jay Rock records. Liked him on that e40 track catch a fade
  3. Def bored (oversaturated) of him :100: (at the moment )

the gap between GKMC >> TPAB is widening for me too.


Looks good! hows the writing?


Alright is m/l one of the best 25 songs of the last ten years.


I'm the same with gkmc & tpab. it has it's moments ofc but as an album it's something I respect rather than something I actually enjoy. heard rigamortis for the first time in a while recently and man, I miss that kendrick. he sounds like he's having fun.


loving these atm:


Shame that Ed Sheeran's rise to the top means Drake is only the second most boring man in pop music.


Though Passionfruit might maintain his one-hot-song-every-album average.