2017 Rolling Indie Pop thread

Right, let’s give this thread a kick in the janglies.

What are the best indie-pop labels and sites out there? Because, y’know, I’ve practically finished my work for the day and need entertaining.


This counts right?

Hayman Kupa Band

That’ll do for starters. What about labels, though? Alcopop are filling a Fortuna Pop-shaped hole in my life, but what else is out there?

Slumberland in the US is probably the most reliable indiepop source these days. Now Labrador seem to have gone off the boil at least.

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Aye, there’s a lot of good stuff on Slumberland - I need to have a proper rummage through their Bandcamp page. Any label that put out stuff by The Spook School is fine by me.

TOPS - Sugar at the Gate surely meets the Indie Pop criterion ?

New Pains Of Being Pure At Heart track:

I’m not one to police genre boundaries, so I couldn’t say, but it does remind me that I still haven’t listened to San Cisco’s new album yet:

Ooh, I like the sound of this.

Belong didn’t really grab me and I didn’t even realise they’d had another album since then. This new track sounds ace, though.

They’ve already been mentioned, but I haven’t heard anything in this genre in the past few years that is quite as good as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. This song in particular has been been on constant repeat over the past year or so:

Not familiar with San Cisco - will check them out!

In regards to TPOBPAH; I never got round to listening to Belong (the artwork always reminded me of Noah Lennox; not that this put me off it) and Days of Abandon was fairly enjoyable. Their debut is still great though!

San Cisco’s debut is great (esp. if you get the version with their prior EP packaged with it).

They’re a band from Perth, Australia, so it’s not that surprising that you haven’t heard them, though Awkward got picked up on radio here and used in an advert and stuff, so it also wouldn’t surprise me if it got a big push overseas:


Rejoice. Makthaverskan have returned to save us from having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for indie pop.

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Post-Indietracks recommendations:
Luby Sparks - shoegazy indiepop brilliance from Japan.

Pillow Queens - - YouTube

And best of all - I’d never heard The Wave Pictures before. Phenomenal!

We’re being spoiled!

New Radiator Hospital:

New Spook School! And it’s glorious.

Love this band so much. Listen to Try to be Hopeful on a nearly weekly basis.