2017 Wedding Audit



I’ve got four this year :frowning:

Sweden, Italy, Bristol, Northampton, in that order.

So much money and time off burned. All for ‘love’.


What about you?


Didn’t know you were Mormon


Just the one so far, in Norwich next month.

Down about £500 on it once stag, accomodation, travel and gifts etc have all been sorted.


If i could be, i would be buddy


@meths to thread


this is what i mean. i’m best man for Sweden one, and the stag already set me back ridiculous amounts coz of various people not paying/dropping the ball.


None so far this year.

I’ve been invited to three as my gf’s plus one, but I’m not going to any of them because I’m a wonderful and supportive partner.


After last years 4 weddings, 3 over as many weekends, this year has been decidely quieter. After nearly fucking up that Lithuanian/Hammersmith wedding the other week we’ve got a couple left for the year. One in a massive stately home in November, bloody love a winter wedding.


just been to one in Ireland. cause I don’t fly it took me 13 hours to get back from it which wasnt ideal. forgot cufflinks too so had to use string

got another in old London next year but non ethis year


Oy vey.

One of a litany of reasons I hope nobody ever asks me to be their best man


do you think one day you’ll read these sorts of posts with extreme regret as you open the next whisky bottle?


That’s a risk I’m willing to take.


woah where in ireland? 13 hours is a bitch!


Chichester - week ago
Westminster - End of July
Somehwere in North London - October


Killaloe, which is Southern? but it was due to my hatred of flying

had to leave the place i was staying at half 7 am and got back in Manchester at just before 9. this did include 2 hours in Dublin and an hour in Holyhead though


One. In London. 15 mins walk from where I live. Starting at 2:30 PM, over and done by 6 PM.

That’s the perfect wedding, obviously.



  1. Both on the same weekend.

I’m best man for one of them. Man alive I can’t be fucked. They don’t tell you when you’re asked to be a best man that a) you have to do it and b) it’ll cost you the best part of a £1,000 for the privilege.


Been invited to two, but we can only make it to one.

It’s in some arse end of nowhere in Scotland and is costing us a small fortune to get there and stay. I’ve never met the couple either.


I’m pretty glad this part of my life has massively died down, if I’m honest.

Good luck with it, mate.