2017 Wrapped (Spotify centric)

One of those things were we post our own and don’t bother to look at anyone else’s

Don’t use Spotify that much. Not sure how Ariana Grande got in there.


99 genres, eh

“You skipped 322 songs this year which makes you a ride-or-die listener”

Get in.

Definitely certain that any of that top 5 are right tbh, maybe YLT.

Look at those top five artists. I have a very good explanation for why genesis are in there your honour.


Skeng :grinning:

Escape Room though :thinking:

Can’t work out how to get the top 5s image but oh well

What the fuck is escape room?


Absolutely no clue, it seems like some all encompassing RnB/hip-hop genre.


Wasn’t even that fussed with Cloud Nothings this year hah


Bob was my no. 1 artist too!

Thanks, interesting read. But in the end what I took from that is that it’s something Spotify have made up. Also really enjoyed this:

Unsurprisingly, it also clocks in at #1375 for Christmas-ness, marking the genre “xmas-free.”


Take a random year and GBV will be at the top for me

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hahaha awkward

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But Does it Work? has been and probably will be there every year though

Not sure about the top genre…

Shared my account with my ex for the first half of the year :unamused: