2017's official Big Coats Allowed Day is September 11th

Feel free to wear your big coats from now.

(We don’t really need passive-aggressive replies pretending you’ve already got your big coat out, or aren’t yet cold enough, it’s just for fun, virgins).

I’ll let tou know when it’s Big Coats Away Day 2018.



Wyclef Jean really improved this on second draft.


Likewise The Beastie Boys

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Anybody without their Big Coat in today’s weather would surely have perished.

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hashtag shirtsleeves
hashtag northeastsquadrepresent

Wore a dress, no jacket. Got a bit hot, didn’t I?

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need to sow a fucking button on mine don’t i

12th September is official Feeliing Way Too Warm And A Bit Of A Prick In Your Big Coat On A Warm Day day.

We’re going to Kew Gardens tomorrow, armed with nothing more than jumpers and tactical pacamacs.

Tactical Pacamacs are headlining Indietracks next year.


cold out

Time to dust off my duffle coat.

yesterday i wore a plaid shirt and a wool cardigan and a little mac thing when i left rainy mcr, went to stinking london on the train and was sweating when i got there. got to the office and the guy i was having a meeting with was pretending it was freezing, even tho it was a good three degrees warmer and there was no torrential rain. soft lad


I need a new coat. Quite fancy a barbour but not sure if I’ll look like a tit, also they are £££

Got out the spring/autumn jacket; reserving the BC until winters. M&S ftw btw.

I’m not wearing a coat today :open_mouth:

I’ve switched to my gore winter bike jacket for the cycle in.

I’ve worn my light Adidas track jacket thing the last couple of day but have worked up a real sweat in it.

I’m in the market for a lightweight waterproof windbreaker I think.

Bumped into @bugduv on his way to work. I was expecting him to be wearing a bigger winter coat tbh but that lad got style!


That bloke is actually very clued-up and sensible

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