2018/19 Football Kit thread



Fuck’s Keogh doing with his hair these days?


The filter on that photo too, looks like a still from Dead Man’s Shoes.


looks like he met someone at McDonalds, in the rain.


Love that old-school umbro trim on the arms. Didn’t the England shirts have that once?


Big fan of our new kits. Very under-stated and, yes, the Umbro diamond looks good and is a throwback to England (and Derby) kits of the 70s


The new Leicester away shirt’s a bloody belter.


Simple but smart.


how many games are you gonna win by Christmas…?




glad you didn’t go with which league are leeds going to be in next year :sweat_smile:


I quite like this but could do without the sponsor, like most shirts.


The best shirts are the ones that are all one colour and have tight arms, normally made by Kappa.



Don’t think the sponsor on the Wolves kit looks too bad, seems to blend in pretty well.

The new Sandwell kit is a good example of a shirt ruined by a shit sponsor logo. Well, that and the West Brom badge…

Cambridge’s home kit too… the stripes fade away in the middle - perhaps a good place to stick a sponsor?


Absolutely fucking does my freakin’ nut when sponsor logos don’t line-up with the design of the kit.

(View edit for some recent Wigan examples, the slags)



Shirt: 9/10
Jamie Vardy: 10/10
Iborra’s smouldering: 11/10


Shirt: 7/10
Harry Maguire: 10/10
Shinji Okazaki: 11/10


Celtic really should stop releasing away kits that are the same colours as the home kit, they just don’t get used


My county’s gaelic football jersey has the most egregious example of a sponsor not matching the design, look at the absolute state of this


Can see it being divisive, but I love the new Chelsea home


them stripes mean anything like on the team sky shirts?