2018/19 Football Kit thread


How long until all clubs are sponsored by betting companies? Can’t be long now.


Looks like they’ve remembered what colour they play in.


The new City kit. A bit too similar to last years but I like it.


Classy, those :sunglasses:

Bunch of W88ers.


Feel a bit sorry for the guy on the left; his shirt seems to have shrunk in the wash.


Thought this was Man City for a second and wondered when the Saudi Royal Family got into reprographics.


New rangers home kit is a bit much


Nice shirt; quite sickeningly cynical marketing.


that’s a bit weird


There’s a wider version with Sir Bobby Robson on it too.

They’ll sell thousands of them.


New Wigan home kit’s out. Looks like the one we wore when we won Div 3 in 1997. :+1:


This seemingly legit site is selling Newcastle shirts minus their main sponsor. Horribly expensive, obviously, but how much better does it look?



State of this :man_shrugging:t2:


Makes all the players look as if they have tiny wee bodies


Big fan. Reckon I could squeeze into an XL boys to get it without the sponsor?


Description says its got the sponsor on it. Reckon they may be pulling a fast one


English Football kits are largely fucking boring aren’t they? Reckon we should go full France and just plaster them with sponsor logos. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I imagine they make them sponsor-free as well when clubs have booze or gambling sponsors.


Aye they’ll be produced for markets where its illegal then shipped back over here I guess. Just strange that the item description says it has the sponsor on it. Maybe just c+p’d from the normal shirt idk


Stupid Geordie’s got a wrong-way-round one!