2018 albums hype





Mannequin Pussy say they have something coming out this, which is well good. No release date or title yet.


I hope Hop Along come over here. They are possibly the only band I have discovered through this place, and I love them.


MIEN s/t debut album on Rocket Recordings in April

Full disclosure I designed the sleeve for this so is a bit of a Jag yes, but I reckon it’ll genuinely be up some of your streets.

Members of The Horrors, The Black Angels, Elephant Stone & The Earlies



Ooft this single is a banger. Enjoying the BB-8 noises. Really liked Amygdala so pumped for this.


Hears the new single a few times and I’ve been singing along to it every time


@wonton - I am liking that track from Olden Yolk, thanks for the heads up. A kind of Clientele/Ultimate Painting type vibe going on. Now looking forward to the full release in Feb.


dredg are BACK in the studio!

The Reign of Kindo are now known as “Kindo” and are to release “Happy However After” soon.



I didn’t know Wye Oak had a new one, they’ve quietly been one of the best bands of the past ten years.



Loved their first two albums, and saw them a bunch of times live. Hope this is a return to form. Drunkenly told one of them he looked ilke Matthieu Flamini, he had no idea what I was talking about of course, and he doesn’t really.


The new Grimes album is almost done.


New Half Waif!

Album is out 27th April - I reckon she’s going to get a lot more exposure for this one, especially now that Pinegrove is basically dead.


This has topped the list for me. Malibu was my favourite of 2016 and his show at the Forum last year was a joy. YAAAAAS


Isn’t there a Free Nationals album on the way as well? That was being talked about at least this time last year


Yeah. Think I read that it’s due before July, possibly next couple of months.


Best Wu-Tang side project x Doom = yes m8.

Czarface are great, but I was wondering what they’d do next, after putting out three quality albums since 2013 (similar to RTJ in fact). A quality collab seems like just the thing to shake it up a bit.

(Although it takes the piss somewhat that this is coming out before Doom/Ghostface)


this sounds good…