2018 albums hype



Dunno if it’s of interest, but there’s new worriedaboutsatan out now:



This looks pretty interesting! A bit like Black Mirror, but with more black people.


when will Pitchfork go away?..lol…

The Family Crest new album “The War: Act I” comes out on April 6th. OUTRAGEOUS video for the 1st single “Never Gonna Stop”

Did I miss it above? New Muse video and song “Thought Contagion” + there’s an interview with Matt and Dom about their upcoming album being influenced by Black Mirror.


Okay, this is actually a pretty great song. Consider my interest in this album piqued.


i found this by pure chance on spotify and i kinda like it


It seems that Okkervil River get such little coverage these days that I didn’t even notice a new album announcement:

Unsure of the single at first…sounds like more of the straightforward upbeat rock from The Silver Gymnasium. Away took a very long time to connect with…but it’s now probably in my top 3 albums of theirs. I love all the long, formless, melancholy songs it has.




I’m almost impressed by how Muse’s albums have all been slightly worse than the last (so, in written form; Showbiz > Origin of Symmetry > Absolution > Black Holes & Revelations > The Resistance > The 2nd Law > Drones) Slight arguments against this can be made (OOS and Showbiz are fairly equal…and DiS gave The 2nd Law a good review) but it’s still a general decline.

Having said that…this will have to be REALLY bad to be worse than Drones.


Nah, OOS is miles better than Showbiz


Shhh, that ruins my nice neat decline


PS > BHAR > A > S > T2L > TR > D. I do like the really long one on Drones that rips off Nimrod though, because Nimrod.


I respect your order but I wasn’t trying to start off a “Muse album rankings” discussion :confused:


Yes, let’s all agree they are all shit


Why have you ranked a Keane album in here? Tho I suspect it probably is indeed better than most Muse albums.


YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Not sure if this has been mentioned yet. New Rival Consoles, anyone?


new Grimus album “Unmanageable Species” this Friday 2/23!