2018 albums hype





listening to this now, it’s actually good, surprisingly




^These guys are good :+1:



I sense there’s zero hype for this after how much everyone hated Eclipse (I still like the first two albums) but just in case






both songs are lovely


Eclipse, as you hinted, was such a “bubble-bursting” album…and if you couple that with the fact that there was always a suspicion that even the first two albums were style over substance…it’s hard to get excited about him anymore.

Still…was a big fan of confess at the time…I might listen to it soon with a fresh perspective.




Oh, and I wouldn’t be in the least bit shocked if there a few sexual misdemeanors come to light regarding George Lewis Jr. given his image (it may only be quiet because he’s not been around for a while).


I really think we shouldn’t start casting aspersions on people unless there’s actual allegations simply because ‘they seem dodgy/dickish’


I almost put something that qualified my statement but thought “nah, fuck it” if he’s going to portray pretty shitty views in both his songs and public persona…I’m not bothered about “casting aspersions” to be quite honest.

Otherwise we’re just waiting for allegations to come out before we question this kind of thing.


New Nicolas Jaar. Definitely a 3 in the morning during the summer album.



What the fuck


UK band Tax the Heat have a new album coming on March 9th titled “Change Your Position”

really good energetic blues rock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKBAK0N4XFg


new Natalie Prass out finally on June 1st - new single: