2018 albums hype



:smiley: yeah not gonna argue with that. she’s the :goat: imo though.


Rev Magnetic


Madonnatron are back in the studio and have released a 7" (i.e. two new tracks), and I’m hoping this means the second album will be out this year:

@mouth_breather may be the only other person excited by this news…


Nice one! I’ll need to give these a listen later


Gouge Away have signed to Deathwish and say a new record will be out before the end of the year.



New Wussy album coming in May.


seems like she’s gone full-Janet Jackson on this record



I’m enjoying this so much I’ll even forgive the fact they have a cassette release.


This is really good news:


Swearin’ is back with a new album coming soon.


ACE news! Allison’s Tourist in this Town was definitely a firm favourite from last years releases.



DJ Koze now streaming on NPR:



Thanks for the heads up, enjoying this!


Quite looking forward to new Drenge


Not any more it isn’t - removed at the request of the artist … darn it, I’ll just have to wait.


Yeah, that’s odd. Never seen it before. Label forgot to ask permission of him?


Slow Mass! So excited about this record.


white denim sounding like they’re returning to top form