2018 albums hype



There’s a new Teksti TV 666 album coming out! Yay!

But not until September! Boo!


Sounds like Fucked Up have new shit to share. They’re playing a pre-Visions show at Hangar in August.

Anyone been to Hangar? Good venue?



Oh heck yes. Particularly if, in the later Orbital canon, it’s more Wonky than The Blue Album…


So long as it’s not The Altogether!


Wonky was surprisingly great.
Here’s hoping they can do it again


New Ty Segall & White Fence is good news! Hair was fantastic.


@Icarus-Smicarus to thread :open_mouth:


Saw this on the Drag City instagram earlier! Lovely


New Ovlov album in July:



he makes absurdly pretty music, doesn’t he?



hmm, i went to see her last month and after Sisters was a bit apprehensive… wasn’t particularly encouraged by the gig… Short Court Style is still great but… yeah, will give Neko a few goes before I give this a listen for sure


The new Virginia Wing album is outstanding. 2nd best album this year for me. Should have the vinyl delivered by the time I get home.


Whilst continuously updating my upcoming list…I’ve noticed that July seems very, very light on the ground this year. Is this is a typical lull period or is there still time for a few announcements?

Any recommendations for that month would be appreciated. The positive side is that June is shaping up nicely, so there’ll plenty to keep me going.


For July, @wonton, I have Ty Segall/White Fence earmarked. Nought else … yet.



Looks like it’s out August 24th:


Yes. Got pre release link and snagged a cool looking vinyl edition. Thanks for thinking of me:)

Hoping that they will come over here.