2018 albums hype





I refuse to get excited about any Laurel Halo release until I find out definitively whether or not she’s singing on it at all. Brilliant producer, voice cuts right through me (and not in a good way).



Me posting an album in this thread is guaranteed to make it end up being disappointing, but here goes… New Mitski album out in August:

Another one, which no one else will be interested (bar, maybe @ma0sm?), is Hey Geronimo:








Chic - It’s About Time

coming September 14th.


Matt from Three Trapped Tigers’ solo album is gonna be amazing if this is anything to go by


Yeah, sounds good! Also, it appears that Adam Betts is soon to unleash his new album, judging by the fact that he’s got a gig coming up in Ramsgate in August. Definitely looking forward to that one.



Would be wonderful if this was a fully realised project and not something he’s started making as he announced it (only worried because he and Ye apparently started working together at the beginning of the month - maybe just on a song or two though…)


Still waiting on the Childish Gambino tape. I didn’t think the West tape would be out anytime soon.




Missed this but there’s a new Fred Thomas album in September

His last two solo records (and that last Saturday Looks Good to Me really as well) have been this crazy blitz of anxiety about getting older and things you’d placed so much stock in ending. I don’t think any music I’ve heard has resonated so much with me personally. Great tunes too. So obviously really looking forward to this.