2018 albums hype




Glass Boys never clicked for me, but love the previous records and their live shows (of course), this sounds promising so far.


Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about Glass Boys but loved the previous albums. 18 tracks though!


They managed similar with DCTL without the standard bloat of records that length! I’m excited in any case, always happy to have Fucked Up on the scene.


new Chaka Khan coming


yessss <3





Now my most anticipated album


the annual Sea Pinks album is on its way



Digging the summery surf-y sound of this ^!


They’re a great band, you should dig into some of the other albums! Last year’s was very good, though Freak Waves is probably my favourite


I really dislike these.


Excited about Gazelle Twin’s new one!






Took my mum to see these this year (because I’m a top son) and they were just so one-note. Cherry was one of the few interesting new songs I seem to remember them playing and they’ve managed to make it sound completely uninspiring on record. Beat 54 is the only other new song of theirs that I hold out any hope for.


The Black Queen! https://theblackqueen.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-games