2018 albums hype



Hoping Yeasayer have got one coming out.


No Age


I guess we can safely assume there will be new GBV, Oh Sees and King Gizzard records


Hookworms & Jai Paul (I have been saying this one for years and I will keep saying it)


Screaming Females- All at Once


Couple of more that I missed - Car Seat Headrest and Interpol ?


Forgot Bill Ryder-Jones


The 1975, Thrice (hopefully), a sixth album by Brand New (dreams), Rolo Tomassi, MBV, Nothing (maybe), CRJ, Grimes, Sky Ferreira… I mean, I this is really just a wishlist now.


I reckon Kanye’s cooking something


Was listening to WHVN today for the first time in about 10 years. Still excellent

EDIT it was actually due to the vocalist from Amenra sharing a similar style to Grady that pushed me to listen to it


will haven are still going?!


Would like new Grimes, FOTL, and Nicole Dollanganger albums.

Have no idea what’s actually due from my favourite artists next year so anything is a nice surprise.




Oh yeah, Fiona Apple would be a right treat. Also wasn’t Liz Phair recording in Ryan Adams’ studio?


Never really feel the need to look ahead tbh. Kind of hope to be nicely surprised by new stuff!


Oh yeah I knew there was one I’d actually heard about


Drum roll please…

Clears throat…



(But really Field Music)


Quite the collaboration




I was unaware until yesterday also but…