2018 albums hype



jfc this is awesome


This sounds great! and I didn’t know anything about her first solo album or the album with Buck Meek. It feels like Christmas.




Was NOT expecting to love this. Glad he’s abandoned the ‘singing’ voice that Black Francis encouraged him to use on the last album. I couldn’t bear it.


The “footsteps on the ceiling” is absolutely brilliant


Yes, great news glad they are back finally. New song is a banger.



Soap&Skin finally has a new album coming out in October, and so I am incredibly happy. Her debut was released almost ten years ago and is still one of my favourite albums. The new song sounds good!


So interested in the concept behind Anja Garbarek’s new album:

Drabant Music are proud to announce that the digital pre-order of “The Road is Just a Surface” is now up and ready. It is available in two editions, “Red” and “Yellow”. The Red concept album is a dazzling and sinister soundscape that stretches for more than 70 uninterrupted minutes. On the Yellow edition, the songs have been edited and remixed, and are presented in a different sequence to showcase them as stand-out melodic pop songs.”

Her first release in TWELVE YEARS. Can’t wait.




I mean, what the fuck?

Your band releases arguably the best song of the year back in May and no mention of an album.



Highly enjoyable. It is now on my list to watch for



As a recent convert to Goat (after watching the film Double Date) I would like to express my support for this post.


Wow, is it really 10 years? That should be perfect for autumn/winter

In a similar vein, 4 years since Broken Twin’s debut already feels far, far too long


The Broken Twin album (and the ep before it) was amazing also. I’d love for her to make a follow-up sometime. Can’t believe that was four years ago either!



40 songs already recorded, mixed and mastered.

7-9 songs coming in the next few weeks

2 Albums coming in 2019,