2018 albums hype



came here to post this


Out next Friday


hmm i think they’ve released standalone singles between the other albums haven’t they? not necessarily a sign of an album to come, it might not even be the next album!



:+1: Let It Burn was definitely a standalone single. I think it was written for a film soundtrack?



Bill’s back and dreamy as ever


I might have had this album for a very long time. Its very good.:man_facepalming:


New J. Mascis in November. I loved his 2014 solo album.


This is nice. Loved West Kirby County Primary


Late 80s RnB/hip-hop if the album cover is anything to go by


ok i think i’ve been patient enough. where the actual FUCK is the new carly rae jepsen album?!


I’m nervous tbh. At this point it’d be really weird to have Cut to the Feeling on it?


Maybe we’ll need a 2019 albums hype thread soon?


Tad ridiculous why announce it now rather than October time? Another album that’s been at least recorded if not completed for a while.


Out 26th October


New Laura Gibson album in October. Her new song has some lovely strings in it:


A JAG, but my bands album is out on 2nd November

More info, and vinyl pre-orders here if you like it https://fightmilkisaband.bandcamp.com/



Empress Of at Chats Palace on 28th September announced. Tickets on sale this morning. Hyped!