2018 albums hype



HALEY (formerly known as Haley Bonar)


There’s going to be another Strange Ranger EP next month (and then new album in 2019). One of the best bands out there right now.


New video


oh shit new Julia Holter album coming out!!!


they keep comin



I’m more looking forward to The Free National album. That one has been bubblin’ for a while.



Getting awfully close to King Gizz’s 2017 benchmark (though admittedly theirs was all original material)…


Not sure a remaster is that necessary, but I’m excited about the Mad Professor dubs. Would also like a PROPER NEW ALBUM, LADS.




Finally thought of a band to add to the ‘Released one album and disappeared’ thread then found out they have a new one out this Friday:


Huzzah for Mountain Man!


Heard of these through the Sylvan Esso connection, but that and the fact they have llamas and alpacas in promo shots makes me like them, despite never heard a single note. Must check them out.


Not seen this posted elsewhere, and I’m not really a LDR fan…but that’s a great album name


The advance songs are great too!



New Vessel:

Still listen to Punish, Honey from time to time so well up for this



argo (for maggie) is the best piece of music I’ve heard in a long time


Yes! I’ve had it on nonstop for the last two weeks. Have been listening to Order of Noise a lot too.