2018 albums hype



Adult Jazz just announced a new album coming this year, proper excited for that.



I keep mentioning Snail Mail. So, you may have already gathered that I love this band.

I noticed The Line Of Best Fit is featuring them today as “one to watch” for 2018.

Likewise, Pitchfork today lists Snail Mail on page two of the 37 albums their most excited about.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes Snail Mail.


This is either going to be bloody brilliant or utterly terrible. I suspect utterly terrible and 10 years too late.


Ten years too late? He released two albums 4 years ago


Meant the style of music he is apparently going for. Didn’t make that clear.


Ah gotcha


SOPHIE is going to be the main event of 2018


After GFOTY last year SOPHIE has a lot to become top PC Music top dawg for me. But I’m, still excited. REALLY EXCITED


Maybe he’ll cross over country with a title like that?! :wink:


new Muse album seems likely


Yes. The whole PC Music, SOPHIE, AG Cook thing, especially when they work with Charlie XCX is what I love at the moment.


Did you here TONGUE’s EP from last year? Called ‘How Nice It Is’. Horns and electronics, VERY reminiscent of AJ’s ‘Earrings Off!’ EP/minialbum


That’d be way cool if Alt-J are back with a new one, I like the cross of electronic americana I do!


Nah, thats a new one for me. Just popped it on now, sounds great.


Owen Pallett hurry the fuck up and release an album


can we have doves plz


Stealing Sheep have been recording I think


Hovvdy’s new album, Cranberry will be released on the ninth of February. Three singles from it are already available, and I really like them. I’m looking forward to more.


Happened to check the site for Craft Spells, just on a feeling that they are overdue. Their homepage now reads: brb i’m recording.


This is good for humanity.