2018 albums hype



Generally like most things that Double Double Whammy put out, and have liked the singles so far. Looking forward to the LP.


Decided to start engaging with new music again and made a list of albums I’m looking forward to: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/RonanS/upcoming-2018/

A few albums, mentioned above…plus a number of things I didn’t realise were scheduled (Rhye, Anna von Hausswolff, Nils Frahm, Typhoon) and then a few based on blinding singles (Hookworms, Lucy Dacus, Olden Yolk, Moaning)

Always thought Hookworms were slightly overrated before now, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xufAOZiYF6c

@Shiels…seen Hovvdy pop up whilst researching…what kind of sound do they have?


Hi! Good question. Thanks.

The music of Hovvdy seems to have an indirect but definite continuity with the music Lou Barlow recorded in the 1990s. Specifically, the link is more one to Sebadoh than to Folk Implosion or to Lou’s solo efforts. There are also shades of Archers of Loaf which I think I sometimes hear in vocal lines. That’s it’s basic pedigree, I think, but it’s also a kind of evolved, modern interpretation of lo-fi/noise rock, and that will probably seem more apparent to you some songs than on others. Hovvdy: Taster (2016) is probably a good place to start. I think the first half of that record is absolutely great.


Probably new oh sees stuff so that will make me happy!



The Men lost their way a bit with Tomorrow’s Hits, but the last album felt like a step back in the right direction, and they have a new one out in March:


Great call about Anna Von Hausswolff, I saw her performing live in London as a support act of Carmen Consoli, that was roughly 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked since!


Preoccupations teasing new music:


Cavern of Anti-Matter & The Breeders have albums out this year.


Oo, well up for this.


Hoping Goat Girl have plans to release their debut. Everything I’ve heard up to this point has been great


Nils Frahm
Augie March
not much else for me at the moment…


Lo Moon, Feb 23,


there’s only one album i want to cut to the feeling of this year


Just discovered The Royal They and really enjoying their 2016 debut. Should be a second album out this year.


…it’s actually out today



Price a bit steep, think I’ll wait for Spotify! That track is pretty fun though.


New Amen Dunes on the way by the looks of it. I really liked Love when it came out. I remember going seeing Mac DeMarco at The Ritz because Amen Dunes was supporting.


there’s a new Cadence Weapon album out on Friday… Jacques Greene produced the first single… sounds like it could be good


This is almost here - looking forward to it :+1: