2018 albums hype



In case anyone is interested, this is a big return to form after the somewhat plodding Specter At The Feast :+1:


Tangled Hair album is finally on the wayyyy



new EELS incoming.





Find it super hard to get excited by a new of Montreal album these days, wish they’d space out their releases a bit more.


new Between the Buried and Me - Automata I coming March 9th.

Kimbra’s album “Primal Heart” pushed back to April 20th. New song, not on the album is dope.

Cloud Cult has an all-instrumental film soundtrack coming out tomorrow, January 18th.


Young Galaxy in early April


Richard Russell looks like he is finally releasing Everything Is Recorded. Been some really good tracks been put out under that monkier so far particularly Show Love


Single is everything I want from these guys

Previous two albums have been great, and I appreciate a new album called “New Material”



New Soft Moon is excellent news. I’m liking the new tracks. Going further down the industrial path.


New Daniel Avery in April, EP out today



Hop Along have been teasing something on their instagram, so I assume it’s a new album and that it will probably be great.


to the point where it’s almost indistinguishable from Nine Inch Nails!





Bloody hell, you’re not kidding either!