2018 albums hype





I got no problem with that


OH aye I’m quite enjoying the album but at times I’m like “Trent?!”


Really hoping there’s going to be a Kississippi full length.



I like this a lot, thanks!


Palm a sort of quirky New York math rock band have a new one out in Feb, here’s a track from it.


Looking forward to hearing the album, but finding this one a little too awkward on first listen. I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but sometimes my brain gets confused and I hear a rhythm the wrong way round, like as if the off-beat is the on-beat, I dunno, but then usually after a while it clicks and you hear it the right way. Well, I thought that was happening here, but instead I got to the end and nothing had changed.


Looking forward to this one! Loved their EP last year.


i definitely get this. one example that springs to mind is Out Of Routine by Idlewild, my brain always mis-hears beat to the opening guitar line.

also totally getting it with this song btw. like it otherwise, sounds like mew.


maaan this is actually really hurting my head ha. i think it’s the steel drums throwing me off?

EDIT: apparently it’s in 11/16?!


“Say” is my favourite track released that year.


Also, the recording process seems interesting:

With the benefits of time and space, Palm recorded the various elements piecemeal, only rarely playing together in groups larger than two or three. While some members tracked, others holed up in the next room, experimenting with quantization, beat replacement and other methods borrowed from electronic music.


Yes! Perfect example. ‘Morning Mr Magpie’ by Radiohead is another one, although I’ve got it sorted now. Also, I’m still not sure I’m hearing ‘Arthur’ by Kelly Lee Owens the same way as everyone else. It remains a mystery to this day.


It’s a strange one. But I’ve decided that I like it!


yeah I’m into it. this one is really good too:



New Hop Along in April.

Loved both of their previous two albums, so I’m really excited for this. Hope they get some Big Thief-style attention on the back of it (though personally I think they’re even better).

New song is very strong:



Updated this to reflect my excitement for the upcoming Hop Along, Preoccupations and Daniel Avery albums, amongst others

February looks good, with Hookworms, Rhye, Ought, car Seat Headrest, Olden Yolk and U.S. Girls all releasing records.

Olden Yolk:


the new space album apparently :joy: