2018 April Film DiScussion Thread

New releases this month:

5th April
A Quiet Place

6th April
Love Simon
120 BPM
Ghost Stories

11th April

13th April

20th April
Let the Sunshine In

26th April
Avengers: Infinity War

27th April
The Wound

Best March new release

  • A Fantastic Woman
  • Red Sparrow
  • Game Night
  • Mom and Dad
  • Sweet Country
  • You Were Never Really Here
  • The Square
  • Unsane
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Ready Player One
  • Other (please specify)

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I saw the poster for Rampage. It obviously looked shit. Then I googled the film. Looks even worse.

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The only one of those I’ve currently seen is The Square, which is good rather than great. Best film seen in March was Phantom Thread.

I think You Were Never Really Here was a better film overall, but the condom scene in The Square is my favourite sequence from any film in 2018, so it was hard to look beyond that.

120 BPM is incredible and will probably be my film of the year, so much energy and excitement. Really hope it’s getting a decent release.

Read this last night, Edgar Wright talking to Spielberg about Duel, proper fascinating.


Can’t believe i’ve still never seen Sugarland Express.

I think it’s Curzon Artificial Eye so should be a decent release

Still hoping to see Isle of Dogs (and The Square, which I missed the boat for, having really enjoyed watching Ruben Östlund’s Involuntary on MUBI). Ghost Stories is majorly anticipated, too (heard good things about the play)

How ling has it taken Ghost Stories to come out. Im sure i saw a trailer like six months ago

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Ready Player One

It’s empty calories but I found it pretty entertaining all the same. I note that they omitted the bit in the book about Aech being a lesbian, I wonder if that was the studio’s doing.

I thought that The House With a Clock in Its Walls would be the dumbest film title of the year and then I saw this


Probably took them a while to reshoot Kevin Spacey’s scenes with Paul Whitehouse

I remember it being a popular novel a few years ago…possibly because of the nutty title.

Just watched Florida Project. Damn.


Reviews of anything in particular ?

Is that all we’re getting haha?

Possession (1981) - totally melted my brain for the second time. I kind of want it to be brilliant and there’s definitely brilliant stuff in it but some stuff does kinda ruin it. Watched an interview with Zulawski on the bluray and he seems a really odd fellow.



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It’s bloody wonderful and easily the film I’ve enjoyed and thought about most this year. Really think it’s incredible that it didn’t even get nominated at most of the big awards.

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But he steams a good ham etc

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