2018 April Film DiScussion Thread

How ling has it taken Ghost Stories to come out. Im sure i saw a trailer like six months ago

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Ready Player One

It’s empty calories but I found it pretty entertaining all the same. I note that they omitted the bit in the book about Aech being a lesbian, I wonder if that was the studio’s doing.

I thought that The House With a Clock in Its Walls would be the dumbest film title of the year and then I saw this


Probably took them a while to reshoot Kevin Spacey’s scenes with Paul Whitehouse

I remember it being a popular novel a few years ago…possibly because of the nutty title.

Just watched Florida Project. Damn.


Reviews of anything in particular ?

Is that all we’re getting haha?

Possession (1981) - totally melted my brain for the second time. I kind of want it to be brilliant and there’s definitely brilliant stuff in it but some stuff does kinda ruin it. Watched an interview with Zulawski on the bluray and he seems a really odd fellow.



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It’s bloody wonderful and easily the film I’ve enjoyed and thought about most this year. Really think it’s incredible that it didn’t even get nominated at most of the big awards.

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But he steams a good ham etc

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just saw tomb raider. it actually wasn’t terrible.

the guy didn’t shout OPEN THE TOMB like he does in the trailer though :frowning:

One of my favourites, might watch it again later today. What stuff about it do you think didn’t work? Interested to hear your opinion

Came out at the very end of March but want give a quick shout for Journeyman.

Great film directed by/starring Paddy Considine. I fucking loved Paddy Considine around Dead Man’s Shoes and all the other great stuff he did around 10 years ago. It sounds like he’s had a lot of stuff going on but I think it’s a bit of a shame he’s not had more big acting roles.

So it’s really satisfying seeing him do some of his best here. A film about boxing that actually isn’t about that - but the difficulties of recovering from a major brain injury and the strain his lowered movement/cognition puts on those around him, notably his wife Jodie Whitaker, who is also great.

Like his previous effort Tyrannosaur, this has moments of being absolutely brutal on the emotions. There are sudden bursts of horror and a scene with the-saddest-phonecall-of-all-time is one of the best things I’ve seen this year.

It wraps up a bit too neatly by the end and you could argue that it’s not that unique of a story or in the direction, but it’s all round solid and very easy to recommend if you want a tough hour and a half! Hopefully it makes its way to streaming services because I think it’ll be highly appreciated by the people who watch it.

Also, this:


We watched Dog Day Afternoon last night. It’s still brilliant.

I can certainly recommend Thoroughbreds from this month’s releases. I’ll try and dig out my thoughts on it.

EDIT: here we are:

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Just gets too zany for its own good. The central story is good but a lot of the other strands are just too bizarre. Putting the grandma to rest and the bike chase and shootout with the cops are the worst bits. I really dont like the fourth wall breaking stuff with isabelle adjani either.

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Nearly all of them go up on their YouTube page a couple of hours after the show airs, if that’s what you’re after. Though that’s obviously videos rather than written if that makes a difference.

If I find long films a push at the best of times, how will I handle The Square? Just clocked that it’s two and a half hours.

Also is it actually funny, or is it Force Majuere funny? I liked Force Majeure but genuinely thought anyone who found that to be a funny film must be deeply pretentious.

His written reviews for the observer are more or less the same

About to start watching the new Blade Runner. Been saving it for ages. Looking forward to it.