2018 bangers


Oh go on then…





I’m not sure how I feel about the album as a whole yet, but the Royal They opens up their album with a pair of them (unless there’s too much stopping and starting, in which case I apologize).


Jeff Rosenstock - “Powerlessness”


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This is good but also it’s literally Time To Pretend by MGMT.




They could be the new Nirvana and I still wouldn’t listen to them because of that band name, unfortunately.


I’ve seen them once live. They’re not that bad but I know exactly what you mean.


Haha that’s totally fair.


To my immense surprise, this:


Hookworms - “Negative Space”




Wanted to post the closing track from the Dream Wife record, but I see it’s been knocking around YouTube since 2016 so probably doesn’t count. They’ve taken the Spice Girls bit off it now, presumably to avoid any legal wrangling.

So here’s some Hot Snakes instead:


Been listening to this album quite a bit, think it’s cracking.

Would like to nominate Weekender

Is it just me, or does this sound like it could be the theme tune to some popular, 90s TV show about a bunch of kids having top banter?