2018 bangers




Can we please only post bangers in here. Thanks.



Haha. I’m quite relieved it was that, I thought I’d unknowingly posted a nsfw video on the Andrew WK one full of horse porn or something


EBM banger


This whole ep is full of bangers


I was being genuinely sincere about the track I picked from “the Scottish band” but I apologise anyway as a few of my picks are too much “just good pop” and don’t “bang” enough



new Capital Cities, fuck yeah!


Banger by the true and original definition:


I thought that Do I Need You Now by DMA’s is one of the best Britpop songs to come out in years, and it’s from an Aussie band.

I agree with whomever posted Count It Up by Field Music earlier, still my favourite song of the year but not really loud or excited enough for me to call a banger.






People are sleeping on the A Place to Bury Strangers album:



Not exactly a “banger” but I’m really digging Joe’s new direction with The Holy War Collection. I’d advise folks to get on it


Holy shit. This trumps DJ Koze for best summer banger I reckon.


Really enjoyed that.