2018 bangers


Sounds like Mucho Mambo (Sway) on ice (both frozen water and drug.) Pretty glorious.






This is such a good video (and song!), kinda surprised I haven’t seen it talked about more - don’t think I’ve seen that done before?

Not sure if anyone has mentioned The Orielles but this new one is such a banger


Yeah I was surprised it didn’t get much traction in here (other than just now :grinning:). One of those videos that you watch and go ‘this is genius… why hasn’t somebody done this before?’


Yeah! And it fits so well with the themes of the album, well done Vince :clap:



Just discovered these guys, Bleach Party, in this article: https://uproxx.com/music/best-new-rock-albums-of-the-week-j-macsis-boygenius/

This record is chock full of bangers.


Wish it was longer Bangs

Smooth Bangs

Slow Deep Bangs

Album of Dirty Bangs


Rest assured that I’m slowly but surely getting through all the nominations from my last playlist update. I’ll add the latest batch of posted bangers soon. Planning on doing the same as last year and compiling some playlists ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Anyway, enough droning on from me.


Some late entries -

When Beak> turned into Soulwax :slight_smile:

This contains my favourite hip-hop drum loop sample of all time… anyone know where the original comes from?



feeling this rn. not heard many beats with synth work like this. different.


whole fuckin’ album’s this good! the synth work is legit striking.


this is an absolute monster


LAST CALL I’m going to post the playlists this afternoon ahead of tonight’s festivities. No spamming any last-minute nominations - it’s taken me a good month to listen through everything posted. :sweat_smile:


Yesss, these playlists were great last year. Thanks for doing it!!


Jack River — Confess

Jack River — Limo Song