2018 bangers


I have totally fallen in love with this, it is amazing and gets better with every listen


Honestly, this is a fucking belter

Get on it DiSfolks


Really digging this too! Just love the laid back summery vibe with that great nonchalant verse from Tyler



Don’t be put off by the first 45 seconds.
Possibly my favourite track of the year so far


Obvious but



Bangers has a pretty broad definition on this board, these fit my definition:

saweeeetie- icy grl

busiswa - bazoyenza


paramedic f 'drick lamar

burna boy -
ph city vibration

heavens gate w ya girl lilly

Daz f Fred Gibbs and Tray dee - ghetto bird

skipper ft iamsu - right time

dj sumbody- ayuepyep

this is from later last year but im still playing it to death - slow banger
sun el musician - akanamali


forgot sheck wes - mo bamba


I’ve given up trying to explain that banger =/= a song you like on here.


This is really great


As a relative newcomer to the term, my interpretation of it has been that there are three main types:

  • The fast-paced, hard-charging rock song (example: “Dimed out” by Titus Andronicus)
  • A heavy rock song that makes up what it lacks in speed with noisiness or a danceable groove (example: “Walkin’ On the Sidewalks” by QOTSA)
  • A song more poppy than heavy that has an undeniably infectious danceable groove going on (example: “Negative Space” by Hookworms)

And then of course songs that have a combination of or all of these elements like “March of the Pigs” by NIN or “Doe Deer” by Crystal Castles.

Please correct me if I’m wrong!


ehhhhh idk think how ive understood in a traditional sense is a club banger, usually hip hop or dance music with heavy bass (pop and r&b can work as well). you know, something to, uh… get turnt to. first time i heard about bangers was the term ‘tunnel bangers’ in the mid-late 90s out of new york. there’ a little history at the beginning of this and a good list with explanations here:


I think if you open the term up to rock then these work as bangers in the broader sense. they could move a crowd.


like @BodyInTheThames most recent song posted doesnt really code as a banger for me, more of a nice breezy summer jam. but i like it and hadnt heard it so who tf cares i guess.


This was how I first defined a banger before doing last year’s playlists… but then ended up broadening my view after a lot of people posted tracks that could be seen as one in another sense.

For example, hip-hop tracks with a really thick bass or beat were posted which I probably wouldn’t put on in a club/getting ready for a night out but would bang while listening on head-phones or on a late night drive.

Here’s how I split things up last year…

I may be a bit stricter this time round as there have been a few tracks posted which I like but don’t really enter banger territory.

Anyway enough of the discussion, let’s have some more bangerz.


I feel comfortable with my chat to banger ratio thus far.




Such an enjoyable song (especially played loud):

Ladytron are awesome.