2018 bangers


Didn’t she used to be iamamiwhoami? Anyway - love this. Love her bonkers videos too.


Yeah, P4k got it right on this


The Breeders - “Wait in the Car”


Not listened but something about the still images reminds me of Mad Richard Ashcroft.


Another Rae Morris one- I heard this on the Local Coop radio while shopping this morning. :scream_cat:


Does this count as a banger?

Not sure but it was a ray of sunshine during snowpocalypse week for me


could someone let me know what ‘bangers’ means? I notice it being mentiond a lot in ‘the metro’ (thinly veiled expression of exaspertion from grandad)


My explanation would be - a very, very good song, usually up tempo and very catchy.
I think there should be an element of ‘catchiness’ in a banger personally, to differentiate the song from other very, very good songs.




Israel’s eurovision entry - an insane ethnopop-UK Funky hybrid. With chicken noises.


thank you :slight_smile: It would seem that there is a tendency to overuse it




Mate you’re a banger


Speaking of Curve, it’s such a shame they’re almost forgotten. They were and still are one of the best artists ever.




155 seconds of joy.


Another one from Hot Snakes: