2018 Calendars

What’s your 2018 calendar game like DiS?


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got one with trains, i’ll try and get a photo

After the success of last year’s Maru calendar (the monthly photos of which turned out to be my most popular posts on twitter), this year we’ve just gone for a plain Muji one.

I’ve got one from the local Chinese restaurant. Not put it up.

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Nothing at home.

This at work :ok_hand:

Wow the light here does really weird things to my photos doesn’t it

my mum always used to get me one for xmas - but she seems to have stopped (didn’t get one last year either)

Don’t really need one in this day and age to be honest

gone for this one this year


Did it come with Miniature Heroes included, or were they sold separately?

they are in the “usual place”* here at work

*snack area

same as last few years: Charley Harper

started putting some of the older pictures in frames in the flat, look pretty good


Again, same one as the past 3 years. An art collective in Portsmouth, called Strong Island, do a publicly sourced photography calendar. The photos are great, and it’s an area of the country we love (well Southsea is anyway).

i invented my own. here it is!


Home (kitchen): Moomins. And I’m fucking livid because the weeks have Sunday as the first day of the week. Absolutely bullshittery of the highest order. Currently boycotting it.

Work: tab in a spreadsheet. Toying with whether to print this one off:

Who are these chancers?

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(Some Catalan cultural thingy I came across when looking up Thatlondon’s shared space revamp of Exhibition Road. http://www.publicspace.org/en/works/g069-exhibition-road )

My brother used to get those ones every year.

As ever, my Mam got me a Manchester United calendar for Christmas, despite the fact I’m now thir… I mean 29. Really unflattering photo of Michael Carrick for January.

Got a Moleskine daily calendar (red), the smallest size so that I can actually carry it around with me