2018 DiScoveries

Excuse the lame title…

Each year due to taking on more freelance work (lame excuse), I find it quite hard to keep track of new artists/bands and tend to stick to music by groups I know.

This place, music sites/blogs and Twitter are where I try to look but it can all be a bit overwhelming at times init.

I thought let’s make a catch-all, any genre thread for new music… a couple of rules:

  • Debut albums/EPs only (can post music from a second album if the artist/band is relatively unknown. EPs… well don’t take the piss basically)
  • New songs and singles put out there… can be in the lead up to a debut release

I’ll update the playlist once the ball gets rolling, as long as tracks are uploaded on Spotify ofc.

Three free hits in there… I think NADINE may have got in the mix of a busy Friday of releases.

Let’s go!


This is apparently their second album, but I think Horseflies fit your criteria since they were never posted here until this year. One of my favorite surprise discoveries of the year.

good debut single I heard the other day

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Chiller - (good AFI-ish melodic punk rock).

Not updated this for a while…

Anyway this is my jam at the moment

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enjoying the Moaning album


Quite under appreciated

this is niiice