2018 Father Ted thread


spent several years pronouncing the word frilly like bishop brennan pronounces crilly to make my brother laugh. very fun and worthwhile exercise.


I don’t get a lot of opportunity to say frilly, but when I do it will be like this from now on.


i think i shall give up cigarettes and alcohol and rollerblading for lent.



I think he’s in The Stand every Sunday.


lol @ the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/culture/tvandradioblog/2009/jul/28/father-ted-tedfest


that’s cool, didn’t realise it was The Stand (have only been to The Stand in Edinburgh but love the place)





This is incredible…want to go to Edinburgh immediately





I walk past this place on my way home every night and had no idea. Might overlook it being a Malones* and pop in for a look.

    • I hear ye’re a racist now, Heritage Rock Bore.



Relevant to this thread.


Been meaning to buy one of those to use as an incredibly lazy Halloween costume in future but I just haven’t bothered to go out for the last few years instead


have quoted this so many times irl


Thanks to this thread I just spent a really boring national holiday week watching again from start to finish. Really relieved me from the blues…

Total fecking genius.