2018 Father Ted thread


You’ve a face like a pair of tits
At least that’s one pair between us


Theresa! I forgot me feckin trousers!











Young boys running round in shorts. I bet you like that, don’t you.


‘Come on, Dougal, switch the television off. Chewing gum for the eyes’.

‘No thanks Ted’.




Doh,that didn’t work!


It’s like a big rabbit rock festival



I’m distantly related to him, it’s my dad’s cousin. His name is Jonathan White.



I could never get into Father Ted but I wish I could. What ep should I watch to start it off?


Use this quote every other day with the TV. Had to show her the episode to clarify that I wasn’t just being a dick.


:smiley: I use it at work on and off to some bemused looks.

Father Ted : He’s not a very nice man, is he?
Dougal : God Ted I’ve never met anyone like him anyway. Who would he be like? Hitler or one of those mad fellas.
Father Ted : Oh, worse than Hitler. You wouldn’t find Hitler playing jungle music at three o’clock in the morning!


the passion of st tibulus

“Billy’s was rounder at the top!”