2018 Father Ted thread


i’m not sure but i think two of them have the same name

this is definitely the sort of trivia i need to work on for my upcoming mastermind appearance :scream:



Don’t know so I’m going to say that they’re all Father Windy Shepherd Henderson.

There’s about 6 of them.



Speaking of Liverpool… Father Ted event on Feb 28 at 81 Renshaw Street, if that’s in your neighbourhood.


now let’s get out there and lick some arse!

… kick some arse

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Father Dougal McGuire: Did you ever see that film, Ted, where your man has his head transplanted onto a fly, and the fly’s head was transplanted onto the man?

Father Ted Crilly: Oh, yes… what was it called…?

Father Dougal McGuire: Out Of Africa, I think. Anyway, your man has the head of the fly and he’s chasing his wife all over the place and she’s hiding the jam and everything so he won’t get stuck in it…

Father Ted Crilly: I’ll have to stop you there, Dougal.

Father Dougal McGuire: Yes, Ted?

Father Ted Crilly: No reason. I just have to stop you.


‘Get them feckin’ Crunchies out of the car.’


Bpsj8HMCEAAtMk9 ‘Money they used to buy a fur coat, and a crown!’ Fur coat and a crown are still my go-to reference points for anyone spending money extravagantly.












i need to know more about this image



i would not have guessed that was jim Norton!




"Is there a man looking at you with a T-shirt saying “I Shot Squidpan?”