2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


This month sees loads of biggies get released - excited for

Black Panther
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
Shape of Water
I, Tonya
Dark River

More, probably!

2018 March Film DiScussion Thread

Also (Call me by your name spoiler enclosed)


I intend to watch lady bird, coco and possibly I, Tonya if I, can be arsed


Oh and phantom thread


think you’re forgetting the really big release pal, which is obviously FIFTY SHADES FREED


fucking Germany, we don’t get Lady Bird until APRIL :open_mouth:


I’m going to the Overnight Film Festival this weekend, looks like a lot of fun. Will report back.



My friend texted me: Hey do you wanna see The Post next week?
Well, yes I do but I’d much rather watch Phantom Thread. Might have to do some slight 'suading.


Notable releases this month:

2nd Feb
Phantom Thread
9th Feb
13th Feb
Black Panther
14th Feb
The Shape of Water
16th Feb
Lady Bird (though I think it only goes on general release on the 23rd)
23rd Feb
I, Tonya
Annihilation (Netflix)
Dark River


January thread poll results (currently anyway):

1st. Coco
2nd. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
3rd. Molly’s Game/The Post (tied)


Really, really looking forward to Phantom Thread on Sunday.


i really want to see the new Linklater that’s kind of a sequel to the Last Detail

Why’s it not showing anywhere? Has anyone seen it?


I keep trying to get excited for Phantom Thread but the trailers are really putting me off.


I posted in the January thread about this, but Annihilation isn’t on Netflix until about 6 weeks from cinema release on Feb 23rd in the U.S I believe, so it’s gonna be end of March/start of April for UK schlubs. Deeply disappointed I won’t be able to see it in the cinema.

Mute is out this month however, looking forward to that, have enjoyed all Duncan Jones even Warcraft.


Actually it looks like it’s 17 days, still my point stands.


Oh we’re actually doing monthly threads

I saw Appropiate Behaviour which was really good


I’m watching it on Saturday in 70mm


Well I am going to watch it at Paul Thomas Anderson’s house


M8 it’s PTA it’s going to be great


Oh yeah it’s Berlinale month, should probably try and go see some shit huh