2018 February Film DiScussion Thread

i found loads! but depends i guess. bunch of 60s and 70s paranoia stuff like Klute (best film ever), the Conversation, parallax view, etc. some classics like to kill a mockingbird, sunset boulevard, five easy pieces. some real 80s and 90s greats… ghost, primal fear, misery, ordinary people, fatal attraction. more recent stuff i added… hail caesar and nocturnal animals, not seen either yet but reckon they’ll be alreet. and this film called journey to the shore by one of my favourite japanese directors. not his finest film but very good and worth a go!

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Cheers Eric, the only one of those I have seen is To Kill a Mockingbird (which I love), so plenty to investigate when I pull the trigger on the trial. I remember my brother going on about Nocturnal Animals being very good.

Sky’s movie selection is generally huge, but having a quick browse

Get Out
Kong: Skull Island
Lego Batman
John Wick 2
Boogie Nights
Groundhog Day
Blade Runner
2001: A Space Odyssey
Marathon Man
This is Spinal Tap
Hidden Figures
Wreck-It Ralph
Sunset Boulevard

Those are all just from looking at the front page and the first few sub-pages. Loads more, eg

Pretty much every Pixar is on there

There’s a bunch of Marvel films on there (Doctor Strange, Captain America Civil War, Guardians Vol 2, Iron Man 3, probably more)

There’s an entire section of current and past Oscar noms!

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Hard Eight is on there too so may as well complete the PTA filmography while it’s free @Severed799

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Thanks for the list! I think I should be able to fill the fortnight pretty easily now.


  • Phantom thread
  • Loveless
  • Black panther
  • Shape of water
  • Lady bird
  • I, Tonya
  • Dark river
  • Something I’ve missed

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yas on yersel’

Good month eh.

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5 cinema trips this month! Thoroughly enjoyed 4 of them (one was coco which was a jan release)

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Just saw Loveless. Heavy going that. One thing is boggling me

Just browsing through some films and saw this. Apparently not a porno…

Oscar season innit, always good this time of year


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Fwiw of what I’ve seen this month

Fantom Fred > loveless > lady bird > coco > shape of water

First and last are clear but the others could be in any order really

dont worry chums, only gone and found the blimmin’ answer!

Really looking forward to a fantastic woman in March, might also watch you were never really here and I Tonya

What was the question?

was a tad confused at the scene in the restaurant where a lady gives someone her phone number, turns out it was just to build the atmosphere of the place

Yeah, it was a huge news story. I’d have been 11 at the time so old enough to remember hearing about it on the news every morning as we drove to school. Probably depends how old you were/how often you were exposed to the news though?

EDIT: I have used the word ‘news’ too many time in this comment


I thought this was a reply to @bugduv’s post above it.