2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


oh I also watched free fire yesterday and yeah Ben Wheatley has completely lost it. ooooh better make sure someone’s head explodes so people know it’s still me! cool man, try actually focussing on showing the viewers the layout of the room ffs.


Not seen it but my word High Rise was poor


Jóhann Jóhannsson has died, aged just 48 :frowning:
Huge loss, particuarly loved his Arrival score.


Watched Diary of a Teenage Girl, it was alright. Can imagine it really connecting with its target audience but I’m not in that bracket. Bit uneasy about the usual hyper sexualisation of teenagers and the age of the actor playing the lead but those are industry wide issues.

Watched baywatch which was obviously shite but not really in the ways I expected. Tried so hard to be edgy/funny in the way that other films like I dunno bad neighbours or superbad manage but missed this mark every single time as there was no chemistry between anyone involved. Also it did an awful job of trying to tell its mindlessly simple story and just seemed edited and thrown together in the most slap dash way possible. But strangely I can imagine it’ll get a wee fan base in the same way that people keep telling me to watch ‘white chicks’ cause they reckon it’s hilarious.


There’s a scene in Baywatch where The Rock throws a baddie into a pool and declares “its bathtime bitch” - the peak of my cinematic year.


Re: sexualised teenagers, while yes that is true this film is based on a semi-autobiographical graphic novel so it is kinda part of the story. Also the actress is well into her 20s.

Alexander Skarsgård though man, he’s so good at playing sleazy dudes


Yeah that’s part of my issue cause it leads to the worrying idea that that is a fair representation of what 15 year olds are like and what they ‘look’ like. But obviously this is a necessary part of the film making process and I wouldn’t say it overly fetishised the main character but it is still a personal bugbear of mine.

Decent film overall though. And skarsgaard does the sleazy guy thing to a tee.


got ye, but I would ask about this particular film, does it claim to represent all 15-year-old girls? does it matter because of the wider industry surrounding it?


It’d be unfair to single this film out but the sex crazed teenage girl is quite an overrepresented trope.


Saw Phantom Thread yesterday so this absolutely had to be done


We can all agree that The Diary of a Teenage Girl has a very sweet cat in it and they should have featured it a lot more.



Kiyoshi Kurosawa made an alien invasion film! Has anyone seen it? (It looks pretty ridiculous, I predict it will be my favourite film of 2018 right now! have to find out where I can see it before I get too carried away I suppose)


that girl looks a bit like icouldwinarabbit

like, a little bit. from that photo


Yeah seems to have a real tough time getting stuff distributed. Please holla if you see it playing anywhere.


will do!


I don’t even remember there being a cat.


Enough Said on Film4 tonight, really lovely film that will make you sad about James Gandolfini again.


Watched the way way back. Generally it’s good and nice but fucking hell is that scene at the top of the water slide badly judged


This looks accurate even though I haven’t sen it yet:


just watched animal kingdom for the first time since it came out. Ben Mendelsohn is the scariest fucking bastard ever. what a film.