2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


The Phantom That Haunted the Clothing Store
Hmmmmmm not totally convinced by this one, guys. The three leads were all incredible and there were some absolutely spellbinding moments but I don’t know if it held together for me overall. It got very silly in a couple of places, namely the whole Bebe from Frasier bit, the poisoning stuff and whoever thought it was a good idea to cast Julia Davis. Might get banned for saying this but I’m just not sure I rate Johnny Greenwood as a composer. I know this was supposed to be kind of schlocky but the music stood out to me for all the wrong reasons.
Dunno though, got a feeling I’ll warm to it. Currently sitting at about 7.5 Hmmms out of 10


Bebe from Frasier! I knew she looked familiar


I actually thought she was very good in her first scene but the scene where they take the dress back was a bit silly.


Used to skip school loads to go to the cinema when I was 17


Phantom Thread Absolutely loved it as a pitch black comedy about a ludicrous man-baby. Wish it had maybe ended differently but I’m still sitting with it on that. Found the score a bit much in all honesty but again, think that could well be adding to what I took to be quite a tongue-in-cheek feel to the whole thing. Will definitely want to see it again at some point because I think there’s probably loads of different readings you could have for it but I enjoyed my one a lot.


Can I just say here that I hate Chris O’Dowd in everything I’ve seen him in.


I think he’s good in Bridesmaids and Calvary. And Molly’s Game.


Can’t comment on the first and last but I hated him in Calvary too.

In fact the only bit of that film I liked was when Brendan Gleeson laid down on the bed with his dog.


Alright team, just booked to see Loveless on Valentine’s Day :sunglasses:

(Oddly, it’s playing at like three Cineworlds in the UK, and the only one in London is the Canary Wharf one…)


Big fan of the Close Up cinema in Shoreditch celebrating Valentine’s with a screening of Amour.


I saw one cinema was showing Maurice Pialat’s We won’t grow old together, which is an incredibly misanthropic film, even by French standards.


Watched The Cook, The Thief. his Wife and Her Lover.



Blimey is right, I trumatised my old flat mate watching that. She was a sensitive soul.


Phantom Thread: god I love Paul Thomas Anderson.


Did really like itnthough. Probably the best use of sex scenes ive seen


Watched The Road again last night, not as funny as I remember it being first time around



Saw The Greatest Showman last night. What an utterly bizarre film. What was Michelle Williams doing in this?

The story races along at a really odd breackneck speed, especially in the first half. Zendaya barely has any lines but her romance with Zac Efron is the supposed to be one of the main plotlines. Every single event has zero consequence, and nothing really goes wrong for Hugh Jackman which isn’t instantly rectified. He totally sacks off his ‘freaks’ and they instantly forgive him. His circus burns down so they build a tent.

Songs were decent but I don’t think the super contemporary production was the way to go. Yer man Zac Efron was surprisingly good in this.


Zac Efron is always good value. He’s in a lot of shite films but is usually by far the best thing about them.

By the way I also saw this film and it was truly bizarre. I’d have said it had taken place over a couple of years yet his daughters didn’t age at all.


Good news - there’s a singalong version out this weekend!