2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


And it’s being released at IMAX!


and it’s LIVE




this is definitely my favourite meme

needs a hashtag or something so you can find them


Shape of water worth watching then?


lol no

not seen


Hey Manchester cats, Lady Bird a week early (starting Friday)


Loveless - Well this was a barrel of laughs wasn’t it… Enjoyed it for want of a better word although it could definitely do with some trimming IMO. Was so fucking stark to look at, I felt freezing from just watching it. The two car journeys between the leads were so good. Good film IMO.


The scene where the search party are descending into the foggy woods is fucking amazing innit. Wonderful film to look at


Thought some of the social commentary (the selfie stuff) was laid on a bit thick, mind


Yeah, to an extent, felt a bit ham-fisted with that group of babes at the restaurant but I thought it worked in terms of the indifference/detachment of the main lady.


Aye. Just think it could have been done a bit more subtly I guess


Yeah, I think in general that’s the case when it comes to smart phones in films because they seem so incongruous when compared to the long history of cinema without them. Like actually showing someone taking a selfie seems so inherently loaded with commentary because it’s so comparatively new or something?


Made me consider getting a treadmill for my balcony so 10/10


Aye, that would be ace


Black Panther was… ok. The cast were amazing, Wakanda was amazing, it raised some really interesting questions, but the story was pretty shite and really poorly paced. The script was also a bit too memey so will seem pretty outdated in a few years.


missed this at the time, really good…


I’d recommend Caro Diairo by Moretti too


I love this film.


Found Blank Panther a bit of a hoot and I’m not a “marvel person” at all. A lot less fighty fighty smashy smashy than I thought, with only Martin Freeman being a weak link.