2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


you’ve not seen AWIL?

You are in for a treat


Miracle Mile is great. Was on Netflix a few years back. Would love to see someone tackle a similar story again for an updated time period.


I know! My partner, who isn’t big on horror films generally, has been telling me to see it for ages. I’m particularly excited about that one.

It was, yeah - I saw it on there (I think when I was working nights, I watched it before I went in - happy stuff). It was very cool getting to see it in an actual cinema. The score in particular was just incredible, so loud and overpowering.

I was at that one on my own. Guy next to me as well. Didn’t speak to him all night, but at the end of MM he looked at me and said, “that was a LOT, huh” :smiley:


i liked it/10


Fuckin’ yes!


Have you seen this

Think it’s going to be another great year for Rocksploitation films.


This looks amazing. Thank you for drawing my attention to it.


is it called Skyscraper Summer?


I think it’s just called Skyscraper and it will be coming out in the summer.


what a misunderstanding, I feel like a fool. thanks the Rock


I’m not The Rock but you’re welcome.


is the rock actually good or did he just used to be a wrestler?


I find him to be a very charismatic screen presence, he’s never going to win any awards but he’s very good at the thing that he does.


Yeah, this really.

I suppose the other thing with him is he always looks like he’s having a blast. The man just enjoys what he does, and it really comes across. I watched Central Intelligence recently and he absolutely hams it up all the way through.

Edit: also, this


Wish he called more people jabroni in his films though


gunners (and ant) can you tell me which big dumb rock action films are actually worth watching? is san andreas good (in the same way 2012 is good)?


gonna watch Lady Bird with my friend. that friend, the one I’m always on about. excited :slight_smile:

saw the I, Tonya trailer before Three Billboards last night and it looks mint

what’s that film with angry Joaquin Phoenix with a hammer? looks kind of interesting

I also want to see Cries and Whispers at HOME because it’s getting screened a few times for some reason. @TKC up for that?




also wanna see There Will Be Blood on 35mm at HOME, getting screened because Phantom Thread.

I have never actually seen it, y’know. I know, shut up.


being currently the best paid/most profitable actor in the world must count for something I guess!