2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


and just further to the Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards thing, I thought he was good, and the film wasn’t racist or contributing to racism in portraying a deeply flawed character who shows signs of changing for the better.

like, do we not want racists to be humans who can actually change? do we not acknowledge that people end up racists for reasons beyond their control?


Thought San Andreas was a lot of fun
Fast & Furious 5/6/7/8
new Jumanji film was :clap:

Probably avoid anything he made before about 2011 (except Southland Tales obviously)


Most of his past films have been on this 35mm touring roadshow thing. I saw Magnolia a few weeks ago at the Prince Charles in London.


You Were Never Really Here - directed by Lynne Ramsey (We Need To Talk About Kevin), won Best Actor and Screenplay at Cannes last year. Out here in March I think.


I saw that was showing! I could well be interested :slight_smile:


When and Where? Might make a pilgrimage if it works


Its at Home ib Manc, not sure what date im afraid (im out so cant really look up)


I’m also out :beers:


Is this a real or jokey thing


If I can make it id love to. Works a bit mad atm so anyrhijg other thab a weekend would be a struggle


Not even going to edit that. Drunk DiS is the best DiS


aces! it’d be good to co-ordinate some kind of meet

like, even DiSers and people who are in the DiS orbit? idk…

w/e, I want to go see this ^



I am v. drunk and just suggested we go see tbis


Kylie Minogue is in San Andreas for a scene


Big fan of the Gasworks as a boozer too


Tomorrow, should I go to see

  • The Post
  • Loveless

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Phantom Thread

Really enjoyed it. I haven’t been so happy to be single after watching a film since I saw Gone Girl. Hope this proves to be Vicky Krieps’ big break like Inherent Vice was for Katherine Waterston.


Just saw Boogie Nights at the cinema.



Saw The Post, it was excellent, great performances all round. Very spot the star as well!


Darkest Hour was better than i expected aside from the now almost-legendarily-bad tube scene which was spellbindingly dreadful in ways even the pre-hype didn’t suggest. Like a bank advert, only much more heavy-handed.