2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


Really liked it until it went all Cloverfield.


Cloverfield Paradox wasnt my favourite Black Mirror of the series


So this was a lot of fun. Just some general thoughts because I’m not really one for talking about films beyond a basic level.

Henry was super grubby. Neck snapping always makes me super super uncomfortable and this had it in spades. Michael Rooker seems to be one of those people who has just never looked young, huh?

American Werewolf - imagine a nurse living in a flat like that now. Lol London. This was great fun, though - the creature effects were cool and used sparingly enough and shot in such a way that they didn’t end up looking cheap. Loved that his mate was more decayed each time he appeared.

Troll 2 at 5am was a bit much. I think I had a little nap because there’s a huge bit in the middle missing.

The mystery film was this 80s gene splicing / body horror thing called The Kindred. It was fun. Great puppets and make-up. One woman turned into a fish monster in a very cool sequence.

Sorority Row was a pretty standard slasher but had some cool cinematic chops. The guy running it said the director had worked under Brian de Palma, so I guess it was from that?

Good lord did I feel awful by the end. I slept for a few hours beforehand but it was nytol-assisted and that’s generally never great quality sleep. The cinema was selling cheap filter coffee all night, which I guess helped, but the aches had really set in by about 4am. Was impressed by how many were left at the end - it was probably about half, which is more than at others I’ve been to. The guys next to me were really drunk, one of them fell asleep in the second film, the other just kept talking at me but it was all basically nonsense. Felt awful yesterday and had to spend five hours on a train back to London.

8/10 night. Don’t want to repeat it in a hurry.


Just come out of Phantom Thread - it’s great! Don’t think it quite reaches the highs of The Master and Inherent Vice but more consistent throughout. I thought there were similar themes to The Master (co-dependency) but it was a tighter film overall. I read a review saying it was ‘intoxicating’ and that was accurate for me - very sceptical due to the period and dress-making but it sucked me in. Mark Kermode’s fairytale and ghost allusions are interesting - as with other PTA films I imagine you find more after each viewing so I’ll give it a second go with those in mind. Obviously DDL was amazing.

As someone said, there was a lot of OTT laughter though from mildly amusing parts - just really weird. Don’t get it at all.


I saw Phantom Thread this evening in pretty bollocks circumstances (the Odeon in Swiss Cottage left all the lights on for the whole film and I had to tell two people to shut up - spoiler: they didn’t) so it’s a testament to the film that I still loved it and can’t wait to see it again fairly soon. It looks SO gorgeous and so many little bits about it that I fell in love with (and I had no idea Julia Davis was in it!)


New Cloverfield is rubbish. Pretty certain they Beyonced it so people wouldn’t get to see any reviews or hear any word of mouth.


Netflix is basically straight-to-video for millennials at this point. Only exception is Mudbound.


The three original films I’ve watched are Death Note, Bright and Cloverfield and they have all been awful. I really need to give Mudbound and Beasts of No Nation a go.


Shimmer lake was good


Oh yeah I liked Beasts. Okja was also oook, ja


Funny that, written and directed by the same writer as the Cloverfield. I have also been meaning to watch Okja and Meyerwitz Stories.


new Cloverfield is le tournoi

actually it’s 25% good, 75% rubbish

the good 25% was some genuinely good shocking moments (well, the bit where Mina turns up anyway I thought was great, maybe that’s the only one actually)

50% of the bad 75% was Chris O’Dowd, how the fuck is he still getting cast in anything. the other 25% was it basically just being a mash up of every other sci-fi/horror film. so many tangential plotlines that were completely redundant too.

complete mess, 2/5 for me clive


Oh Chris O’Dowd’s character was so out of place. Horribly written
Dont mins him myself but the constant awful jokes did not fit at all


phantom thread was good


The new Cloverfield is basically a straight to TV b-movie, which is exactly what it is. Not surprised Paramount offloaded it, no way that would have got a theatrical release. As others have said it’s basically a Black Mirror/Doctor Who episode.


The new Cloverfield was like The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek and Red Dwarf all blended up into one mad story, then translated into Russian, then Chinese and then back into English again… and I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it even if it was very, very silly. I did start to tire a bit after 90 minutes though around the point when the part of the ship broke off and they started counting the angle it was listing at


Where does a guy start with Fassbinder?


I’d recommend Fear Eats the Soul, Petra von Kant, Fox and His Friends & Chinese Roulette.


actually I reckon this face from the poster sums up Cloverfield Paradox pretty nicely



Can I have a subthread that concerns Noah Bambach but also exludes his films, or should I create another thread?