2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


I’d personally say The Merchant of Four Seasons, Petra Von Kant or The American Soldier


X-Men: First Class


magneto with an irish accent is great


Watched that new Cloverfield last night, what a load of old tosh.

Why did the Russian’s eye go weird?
Why did he make a gun?
Why did he have both the worms and the gyrometer inside him?
Why did the wall eat Irish’s arm?
Why did the separated arm know what was up with Russian?
Why did Irish die with the magnetic thing?

There are many other issues but these were the most annoying off the top of my head.



Ricky Baker!


Watched last night; The Lady Vanishes; top flight early smash hit Hitchcock. Especially great; Margaret Lockwood and the whole general part-pisstake of/part-homage to oldskool British stiff upper lip pre-WW2 life. IE getting shot at during a siege and one chap saying to another “Bit of a jam this, don’t like the look of it”. Also the subversive, coded 2-blokes-sharing-a-bed-but-nobody-makes-a-bloody-song-and-dance-of-it representation of gay men.

Think i might just tear through as much early Hitch as i can now.
Still haven’t seen The 39 Steps or Rebecca.


Oh man those two are classics


Agree with all that, but enjoyed it anyway.

The film looks as if they shot a load of scenes, realised that the whole thing was a mess and then spliced everything together in about two hours. Rather than spend any more time on it they just dumped it on Netflix.

Enjoyed Elizabeth Debicki stuck behind the panel, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw is reliably good.


Filmstruck has launched


Reasonably priced too.


Nice one, might give this a go :+1:


The Diary of a Teenage Girl is on Film 4 tonight and is very good.


Had a mare and Loveless isnt in.

Should I go see The Post?


It is exactly as you will expect it to be so if what you expect it to be is something you would like to see then you should go and see it


Might go football museum instead


I wanna go there also


Shall i take a selfie with the Michael Jackson statue


This doesn’t seem like the thread for that kind of discussion


I fully endorse this


Just trying to enjoy my birthday mate