2018 February Film DiScussion Thread


saw Visages Villages last night
aka Faces Places.
really lovely film


I liked it, picked up halfway through, Streep got me teary-eyed at one point, the printing press shots were lovely, and one of the best films for “spot the actor” - distracting but good fun to see some favs pop up totally unexpectedly. Mostly TV actors though so mileage may vary with that one.

Not a classic but easily worth 2 hours of your time imho.

Really wanted to like it more than I did but subject matter definitely left me feeling a little squeamish in a way that surprised me.


I gave it a swerve ha seems a film ill wait to find it at home, thanks though

Sorta tempted to go Winchester, in the mood for something daft


This looks quite good from the trailer. Love a good tension based horror


Waiting for horror fans to wind up buying Terence Davies drama A Quiet Passion on DVD thinking it’s this.


Yeah not very cinematic tbf, total Sunday on the sofa fare.


Saw Winchester. Holy shit its bad


Should have been a Shaun of the Dead spinoff instead


One of those was enough!


Found Phantom Thread to be as intoxicating and as utterly compelling as I hoped it would be. Really fancied going out for one of Reynold’s MEGA breakfasts the following morning though.

Also saw The Umbrellas of Cherbourg which for a musical was rather depressing actually but I still got swept up by all the 60’s style and wonderful use of colours.


Watch Dancer in the Dark


Fucking love The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Have done and loved that too! Though I knew less about Umbrellas going in than I did when watching Dancer…


Aye it’s brilliant and Michel Legrand’s score was absolutely wonderful too!


If you like yoga and religious hysteria you may like this


First time I’ve been the cinema on my tod tonight for phantom thread. Predictably wonderful. Thought all 3 performances were brilliant. Couldn’t shake day Lewis looking and sounding a little bit like Richard Dawkins throughout.


Well done on going alone! A lifetime of seeing what you want when you want awaits you.


Also went solo cinemaing for the first time tonight to see Phantom Thread. Tried to persuade a few mates but was quite a hard sell when they don’t know PTA and you have to explain it’s about a dressmaker. Anyway, felt slightly self conscious at first as the cinema was busy but I plied myself with vino and had a great time.

The film itself was excellent. Really, really loved Lesley Manville’s performance in particular; her delivery was great… “let me put it unambiguously…”. The whole thing was beautifully shot, but particularly the scene with the vision of Woodcock’s mother after the first mushroom poisoning. Also couldn’t get over how beautiful that spinning shot of the dressmakers all repairing the Royal wedding dress was..

The score has been mentioned a lot and was great, but I also loved how the whole thing sounded. The breakfast scenes in particular were so tense.


How is it your first solo trip? Always go on my own


watched three billboards again. still like it.