2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Watched Creep 2. Thought it was a good way to.make the sequel, did a good job at creating an uneasy atmosphere. Decent yeah

Also saw Cruising. Thought it was really good actually, really involving story. Probably best I have seen Pacino


Got to credit whoever at Disney thought ‘hey, we’ll do another Jumanji film!’ because I did not see this massive success coming


Apparently its actually alright despite the awful trailer


It is, I’ve watched it. Just didn’t think it had ‘box office smash’ when they announced it.


Bloody love Cruising

“How big are you?”
“Party size.”


Or with that long shot where they’re walking back down the corridor to their front door.

amazing film, really really good.


I was quite surprised how negative the reviews were , it got three golden raspberry nominations



Oh good god


All the president’s men
Great movie, remembered it having more of an ending though. Coulda sworn they had dicky getting on the helicopter at the end.

:v: :smiley: :v:


Isn’t that Nixon which has that ending?


You’d assume so…


Happy Death Day is pretty much a perfect horror films for my tastes. Knowing, fast and funny with some actual emotional depth. Highly watchable.

Also seen Miller’s Crossing, Blood Simple and The Long Goodbye. Don’t feel I have much to say beyond the fact that they were all engrossing, impeccably acted and had some great directorial moments. Famously acclaimed films are very good, what a shocker.


A pal (who does do writing/stuff about superheroes) made some negative comments about Zach Snyder’s, uh, directorial capabilities on twitter and just got overwhelmed with responses

Who are these people?!?


I really enjoyed it. It was a bit nerd-dude wet dream but I enjoyed the uses of video game tropes and the cast were all clearly having fun with it.


Watched Good Time last night because I rarely go see anything in the cinema and am always about 6 months behind. Thought it was great. Proper sweaty-palms stuff all the way through and the opening 25 mins or so are as intense a piece of cinema I can remember seeing for a long time. Also Pattinson’s greasy face did a surprisingly good job.

Also saw Bright the other day. Shight more like.


This is on Netflix next week, looking forward to catching up with it.


Hope you enjoy it - I thought it was a really effective, grimy blast of panic and nerves. The Oneohtrix soundtrack is brilliant too.


watched The Disaster Artist, having not seen any of The Room. really enjoyed it. it was actually quite touching at the end, and I thought it did a good job of presenting Wiseau’s good sides and bad sides without any signposting of how you should view him. Also thought Dave Franco was really good when usually I find him very irritating

what I would have liked is to see a bit more of the crew’s side of things to see what they thought during the making of it (thought the Seth Rogen line of “who the fuck doesn’t recognise that guy?!” during the screening but I understand that wasnt the aim of the film


@Antpocalypsenow i saw in the old thread you wanted to know what someone who has never seen The Room thought of it, what did you want to know?